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Miae Cho was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, where she earned a masters degree in music.  An accomplished soprano, she performed all over the world, including a performance at Carnegie Hall.
Her voice has been captured on a number of CD's in Korea. And she arranged, produced and performed on her first U.S. CD titled 'Seoul Girl' in 1998.  In her follow up CD in 2005, titled 'Mantra', Ms. Cho arranged ancient Buddhist mantras to music and created the first album of its kind.
In 1993, after her last concert tour of the U.S., she decided to take residence in Boston, MA.
After moving to the USA, She studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Masschusette College of Art, as well as Les Beaux-arts de Paris, France. She is a juried artist member of the Cambridge Art Association in MA, USA, and she was represented by Galatea Fine Art in Boston.  She is a juried artist member of L’association internationale des arts plastiques auprès de l’UNESCO-'AIAP' in Monaco. When you look at her abstracts you can sense how music has played such a big part in her art, each painting infused with a lyrical quality. Throughout the years, she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her works have been exhibited all over the world, including London, Monaco, Hamburg, France, New York, Seoul and Boston.

Currently she spends most of her time painting in Boston and the south of France.

[RECENT and FUTURE Exhibition]

75th Schein Fall Salon Exhibition 
Sept 4th-25th 2019
Reception; Sept 13th Fri 6-8 pm
University Place Gallery & Kathryn Schultz Gallery. Boston.USA

7th KCSB Exhibition 
Oct 12th - October 25th, 2019
Reception: Saturday, Oct 12th, 2-4 PM
Lexington Arts & Craft Society
130 Waltham St. Lexington, MA

'Expression' - Artifact Gallery. New York, NY. USA Oct, 2018

'Les fleurs' Solo Exhibition
Service Culturel Mairie De BEAUSOLEIL (City Hall)
Beausoleil, France July 9th-Aug 31st
'Om mani padme hum' - AIAP Gallery. Monegasque National Committee of the International Association of Visual Arts to UNESCO Monaco, Feb 2018
'Ordinary day' - Hee Gallery. Holliston, MA. USA Nov, 2017
'Fantasy' - Galatea Fine Arts. Boston, MA. USA. March, 2015
'Secret' - Medallion Gallery. Boston, MA. USA. Aug, 2013
'Life Long Balance' - Creative Marketing Art Gallery. Wakefield,
 MA. USA. Oct, 2012
'Spring Brings' - Time & Tide Fine Arts. Ipswich,
 MA. USA. May-June, 2012
'South of France' - Creative Marketing Art Gallery.Wakefield,
 MA. USA. 2008
'Jubilation' - Scottie Music Art Gallery. Danvers, MA. USA.1999
'KIAF' - "Korean International Art Fair" Seoul, Korea. Oct. 2015
International Artists Exhibit. International {ART FAIR}
 'Abstract'- The Brick Lane Gallery. London. UK. May-June, 2015
'Four Point of View'- 4 Artists Show. Scollay Square Gallery at Boston City Hall. Boston, MA. USA. March, 2015
'4 Artists Show' - Marziart Gallery. Hamburg. Germany. July, 2014
'Beginning' - 3 Artists Show.Korean Women's Artists Association
 of NE. Mun Su Sa Buddhist Temple Gallery. Wakefield, MA. USA. Apr, 2013
'Expressing Our Inner Gifts' - 4 Artists Show. University Place.
 Cambridge, MA. USA. Apr, 2013

The 1st-6th Annual KCSB Exhibitions- 
Lexington Arts & Crafts Society. MA, USA. 2013-2018Mary

Schein Fall Salon arts shows- 2017, 2014, 2013 & 2012
University Place Gallery & Kathryn Schultz Gallery. Boston.USA
Cultural Associations Forum Art Affairs' - OGA Group Show. Auditorium Rainier III, Monaco. Nov, 2015 & 2017
'French Cultural Center Juried Art Show' - Boston, USA. Jan, 2015
'Maud Morgan Mono Print Show' - Kathryn Schultz Gallery Cambridge Art Association. MA, USA. Jan, 2015
'Abstract Flow' - Spacewomb Gallery. New York, USA. Oct, 2014
'Flower Show' - Attleboro Arts Museum. Attleboro. MA, USA. May, 2014
'Square' - Spacewomb Gallery. New York, USA. Apr, 2014
Non-figurative: Subtle expression - Galatea Fine Arts.
 Boston, USA. Apr, 2014
'Members Exhibition' - Galatea Fine Art, Boston, USA 2013, 2014
'CSB Show' (Juried Exhibition) -
 Juror: Jane Portal,the Matsutaro Shoriki Chair,Art of Asia,Oceana,
 and Africa at the Museum of Fine Arts. Korean Cultural Society of Boston. Lexington Arts & Craft Society. MA, USA. Oct, 2013
'2013 Calendar Pop - Up Show' -
 (Juried - Artist of the month for March, 2013) University Place.
 Cambridge, MA, USA. Jan, 2013
'I'm Dreaming' - Time & Tide Fine Art. Ipswich, MA. USA. 2012
'New Member Show' - Cambridge Art association
  Kathryn Schultz Gallery. Cambridge, MA, USA. July, 2012
'A Ribbon Runs Through It' (Juried Exhibition) -
  Time & Tide Fine Arts. Ipswich, MA, USA. 2010
'South of France' - International Exhibit.
  Ju Yang Gallery. Seoul, Korea. 2010
'Masquerade and Illusion' - Time & Tide Fine Arts.
  Ipswich, MA, USA. 2010
'FCC Art Show' (Juried Exhibition) -
  The French Cultural Center. Boston, MA, USA. 2010
'Cex 2' (Juried Exhibition) - the School of the Museum of Fine Arts
  Grossman Gallery. Boston, MA, USA. 2008
Juror for the 42nd Annual Saugus Rotary Art Show
Saugus, MA, USA. Oct. 2014, 2015
2010 l'ete  'Painting' 'Les Beaux-arts de Paris'
        l'ecole nationale superieure. Paris, France.
2010 Private instruction under 'Charles Goss'-Abstract
        The School of Museum of Fine Art'
2009-2010 Massachusetts of Art. CE Boston, MA. USA.
2006-2008 the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. CE
        Boston, MA. USA
1991 M.A. Degree, University of Sungshin,
        Major Field of study; Vocal Music. Seoul, Korea
 1982 B.A. Degree, University of Sungshin,
        Major field of study; Vocal Music. Seoul, Korea
Cambridge Art Association MA. USA, Juried Artist Member
L’association internationale des arts plastiques auprès de l’UNESCO
AIAP-UNESCO Juried Artist Member
Korean Cultural Society of Boston, Exhibiting Member
Monaco, France, Germany, Boston, St Barths, Seoul Korea
2015 Mar Boston City hall Web site 'Four Points of View' http://www.cityofboston.gov/arts/visual/galleries.asp
2015 Mar Art Scope Magazine
2015 Mar featured in the New England Diary section of the Providence Journal
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2015 Feb ‘The Grapevine Times’ e-Newspaper ‘Fantasy’
2013 September 'Modern Buddhism' Artist of the month
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2013 'The Grapevine Times' Apr 12th News 'Beginning'
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2010 Mass Art 2010 Fall CE. Catalogue. 'Only One Truth'
2010 SMFA Summer 2010 CE. Catalogue.'Three Women'
2010 French Cultural Center Art Show web site Catalogue.
         'You and Me'
2009 March "Artist of the Month, Miae Cho"
        -KBA TV, korean Buddha Association Television, N.Y
*** Miae Cho, born and grew up in Seoul, Korea. She studied vocal music and received a Master's degree in music.
She launched a career as a classical soprano, performing throughout Korea, Canada, and USA, with numerous media appearances and release of CD's in Korea and the U.S. On one U.S. tour, she was the solo artist for a standing-room-only performance at Carnegie Hall in 1993.
But then Miae's already-amazing journey took an even more amazing turn. After settling in Boston, she happened to meet artist Barbara Donnelly. She inspired her to take private lesson in watercolor.
Soon Miae realized that she had never been "free" as an opera singer.
"I found that my true passion was painting." she says. "It was freedom that was missing from my life-freedom from all the restrictions that I had experienced in the past to be a perfect condition...
"The show must go on" ... I wanted to be free from all of that. Free from my performances, my schedule, and everybody else's rules. I wanted to make my own rules, my own creations."                  
She began painting realistically, but shifted after a time. "I found that painting in an abstract transform nature into expressive abstractions."
She beams.
"So today, I work joyfully," she says, "in a world where there are no rules, no limitations, so plans."
                                                    Time and Tide Gallery. 2011

2005 Released "Mantra" CD-Solo Album (All songs composed, arranged, performed by Miae Cho)
1998 Released " Miae Cho" ("Seoul Girl") CD- Solo album ( All songs arranged, performed by Miae Cho)
1993 Performed at Carnegie Hall, New York, N.Y.
1993 Toured US (L.A, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, and Chicago) and Toronto Canada. Performing Korean Folk and Buddist songs.
1988-1993 Conductor of at the Chogye Choir Buddhist Temple. Seoul, Korea.
1988-1993 Starred in numerous Operas and performed over 100 concerts of Buddhist Songs and Korean traditional songs in Korea, US and Canada.
1992 Released “My Lottus Flower1" " My Lottus Flower2" CD. Seoul, Korea.
1991 held Solo Performance " Miae Cho Recital" Seoul, Korea.
1991 M.A. Degree; Vocal Music, University of Sungshin, Seoul, Korea.
1990-1992 Board member of Korean Cultural Artist Association, The Chairman of Music Department. Seoul, Korea.
1990-1991 Intructor of the members of the BBS Radio Program "Our Korean Buddhist Song"   Seoul, Korea.
1990-1991 Announcer of the BBS Radio Program"Sunday Morning Classic Music",   Seoul, Korea.
1982 B.A. Degree; Vocal Music. University of Sungshin, Seoul, Korea.