Buddhism and Music are a strong love and inspiration of mine and like much of my art, my paintings are a musical interpretation of the freedom that takes flight regardless of limitation or barriers. When I paint abstract,
I paint impromptu without planning. The music provides the emotional direction which takes over and frees my limitation.  
All my paintings are my fantasy and hope. 
I have a wish that viewers will see and experience in my paintings the energy, excitement, hopes,dreams and love that I feel when I create my art. I hope it evokes the feeling of " Spring in the air" filled with happiness.
Miae Cho    2017
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I am emotionally drawn to lights, movement, energy, aura, bright and brilliant colors, flowers and stars.. and also deeply moved by these concepts which are fantasy, enlightenment, happiness, imagination, freedom, the future.. Whenever these moments come into my life, I want to recreate these beautiful feelings and my strong emotions in my paintings. And when I am painting, I am extremely happy and I am completely free.  
Miae Cho   2012

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Recently I have been infusing music into my paintings. I get into a 'zone' and I let the music take over my brush.  It is very liberating and inspirational and I am loving it.   
NMiae Cho  2010.

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I grew up in Korea in a strict, strongly traditional environment
and under a rigid educational  system.
When I was young, I sang well and my teacher convinced me that
I should be an opera singer. 
I don't think I knew what I really wanted to do in life,
So I just followed what the teachers and my parents thought was good for me.
 I had a somewhat successful musical career in Korea,
and at the age of 35 I came to the U.S. for a concert tour. 
Soon thereafter, I decided to settle in the US, and
I started to think that music was not right for me anymore.
I found that my true passion was painting because it made me
relax and gave me lots of happiness and freedom.
Yes, It was freedom that was missing from my life-
freedom from all the restrictions that I had experienced in the past
and those that were associated with a career in singing.
For example, I always had to worry about my voice and my performance.
I always had to be in top physical condition, constantly careful not to strain my voice.
And there were many times when I was ill, not in the mood to sing,
or preoccupied with other responsibilities.
But “the show must go on,” so even then I had to sing. 
 I wanted to be free from all of that.
Free from my performances, my schedule, and everybody else's rules...
I wanted to make my own rules, my own creations, my own schedule.
 After a period of independent experimentation,
I began taking formal courses in painting, working hard to develop
a strong realistic style.
 My goal, above all, was to appeal to gallery owners
or jurors rather than to paint in a way that was meaningful and inspiring to me.
 After a year or two I realized that I was doing the same thing
as I had done earlier in life, namely, following someone else's rules...
 So I started all over again.
I tried to find a subject matter that I truly love to paint.
Then I started looking for artists that gave me inspiration,
such as Odilon Redon,Kees Van Dogen, Wassily Kandinsky,
Helen Frankenthaler, Jules Olitski, and Adolph Gottlieb..
 After a while, I found that painting in an abstract style gave me
much more freedom than realism.
Best of all, I discovered ways to transform nature into expressive abstractions.
So today I work joyfully, in a world where
there are no rules, no limitations, no plans.      Miae Cho  2010.

~Many years ago, I had the privilege of hearing the Dalai Lama speak in Boston. The first words out of his mouth were " Why are you here?" His second question was " Do you want to be happy?"  He followed with the answers to his questions. " Have compassion! " that will bring you happiness". That is the wisdom I have carried with me since that day.
According to Buddhism teachings, life is like a net. We are all connected. That's why we have to help each other and share happiness and unhappiness.
I like to share these thoughts and my feelings through my art with the hope that my art will bring happiness to others. When someone looks at my paintings, my wish is for them to feel happiness and peace in their heart as well as compassion and positive energy.
It has taken some time to find my style but recently I have taken great pleasure in painting people's faces, particularly their eyes. The eyes show your happiness, hope, fear, worries, surprise, compassion, purity and energy. The eyes tell the story and I hope people will enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy painting them.        Miae Cho  2008. 
~Il y a plusieurs années, j'ai eu le privilège d'entendre le dalaï-lama parle, à Boston. Les premiers mots de sa bouche étaient: «Pourquoi êtes vous ici?". La deuxième question était: "Ne vous voulez être heureux?". Il a suivi avec les réponses à ses questions. "Ayez la compassion et vous serez contents". Telle est la sagesse que j'ai emporté avec moi depuis ce jour. Selon les enseignements bouddhistes, la vie est comme un filet. Nous sommes tous connectés. C'est pourquoi nous devons nous aider les uns les autres et partager le bonheur et le malheur.

J'aime partager ces pensées et mes sentiments par mon art, avec l'espoir que mon art apportera le bonheur aux autres. Quand quelqu'un regarde mes tableaux, J'espere qu'on peut sentir le bonheur et la paix dans leur coeur aussi bien que la compassion et l'énergie positive.

Recemment, j'ai pris grand plaisir a peindre les visages des gens, en particulier leurs yeux. Les yeux montrent de bonheur, d'espoir, des craintes, des soucis, la surprise, la compassion, la purete et l'energie. Les yeux racontent l'histoire et j'espere que les gens apprecieront de les voir autant que je les apprecie.